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12:11pm 28/02/2006
mood: awake
Alright! Lets get this community up and running again!

First off, lemme say...Victoria Secret has the best sales. Not on bra's though. Those are still always ungodly expensive. But the other stuff.

I got this small black bag filled with all kinds of goodies last time I was there. Its a cute bag too...with a little silver hoop you carry over your wrist. Inside it has a moasic blush, a small bottle of perfume (not one of those little sample vials, but an actaul bottle. Just a smaller one. Don't know what scent it is but it smells good!), two different flavored lip glosses (one a reddish gold, the other gold), and a small mascara. It's all really nice, and I used them almost on a regualar basis. The best part...these bags were originally 65 USD. You know how much I paid? 7 USD. Nope, thats not a typo. It only cost $7.00. But let me tell ya...they were gone very quickly!

I also bought this really nice bronzing lotion. I'm dark skinned, so it gives me a nice bronze shimmer. It might show up a little heavier for a lighter skinned person. The best part is that it smells really good! Also, it was originally $22. You know what I paid? $5! My only regret...I should have bought like 4 of them.

So yeah...next time Victoria's Secret has a sale...GO!!
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03:48pm 28/12/2005
mood: creative
There is this really cool store I just found out about. I think they are headquartered in Colorado. Anyway, its called MELT and they sale sugar scrubs, lotions, fizzy balls, and sea salts (from the dead sea) and they have some very interesting scents. Check out the website if you're interested.

In denial 
11:22pm 19/06/2005
mood: working
This community has been really quiet lately (partly my fault, I'm sorry for not posting!), so I decided to post this here.

It rained hard today, like it has almost everyday for a while now, but I'm still not willing to accept the fact that summer's over. I'm not ready for the typhoons, moodiness and floods that come with the rainy season. Earlier, I defiantly ignored the gloomy weather and turned to oranges. Yes, oranges.
They're my favorite fruit, and they remind me so much of summer.

I took a long, cold shower with Satsuma Shower Gel, which I've been using all summer long. Then, I put on some Satsuma Shimmer Lip Balm that I got yesterday. I've been going to the The Body Shop a lot lately. I'm stressed at the moment from the pressure of my writing deadlines and the stormy weather wasn't helping either, but the smell of oranges really cheered me up. Now though, it's late and I better get back to work. I'm starting to feel un-summery again. Bad vibes, away.

How about you guys? Do you have stuff that remind you of certain things when you put them on? Do tell!
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Kreations by Kym & Free Sample Offer 
01:44am 30/04/2005

Currently offering homemade scented moisturizing hand & body lotions, solid perfumes, scented moisturizing body mist that doubles as a leave-in conditioner/detangler for your hair and lip balms in several delicious and hard to find scents & flavors. Later, I will be adding scented body washes, bubble baths and bombs, and even scented Shea cuticle oil! Each item is handmade by me especially for you. If you don't see a particular flavor or scent combination that you are interested in, please contact me, and I will do my best to get it for you.

Would you like to try a sample of the Lip Balms or the Solid Scents? If so, click on the "Buy Now" Button below. You will get a full size tube (not pot) of either the Lip Balms or the Solid Scents. Be sure to put a note in the comments section to let me know which product and what flavor/scent you would like. If you do not specify a product or flavor/scent, one will be chosen for you.

*Limit one free sample per household and/or email address*

A shipping & handling fee of $1.95 applies.

the ultimate in girlyness... 
12:17pm 09/04/2005
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02:30pm 01/04/2005
mood: lethargic
I dyed my hair brown the other day. Its looks nice, but I used a different dye that I usually do, and it dried my hair out so bad! And I left my miracle hair moisterizer stuff at my moms house. :( I've been using my old, not nearly as good, hair stuff and its taken my hair over a week to return to semi-normal. But I probably have half as much hair as I used to. So now I know better then to use Clariol's Nice and Easy hair dye!
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11:49pm 30/03/2005
mood: cold
New Layout! Like it? Absolutely despise it? Tell me what you think!

ppsstt...I worked hard on it so be nice *puppy eyes*
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09:16pm 25/03/2005
  Hey everybody, I'm new here...
My name is Kourtnee, I'm 17 and yeah.
Add me if you'd like to know more. <3

Well, I really don't know what to say except for that I'm depressed about my boyfriend situation and how he's always out of town and such. I don't think you'd all want me to go into great details about that. I'll add something later. <3
Kthx... xo_Kourtnee <3
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hair products 
12:00pm 18/03/2005
mood: having a good hair day
I found an absolutely wonderful hair product so I must share it with the world!

I have naturally really dry hair, like most african americans. Its breaks off like no ones business. Whenever I wash my hair or comb it, I feel like I'm going bald. I've tried all kinds of stuff....coconut oil, cocoa butter...they help, but not to much. The other day I bought this stuff called Profectiv Mega Growth. Its specially formulated to strop breakage and promote hair growth. I've only used it twice and its wonderful! In two days, I've gone from covering my shirt in hair when I combed it to only losing 4-5 hairs. I love it! And my hair is so much thicker and softer. Its not even that expensive. I got it at Meijers for $5.49 so its probably averages about $6 everywhere else.The only bad thing about it, is its a really thick cream and makes my hair a little greasy to the touch if I put a lot in. And it has a really strong smell. Its not a bad smell...just a very strong sweet smell. But everything else was like that too! I'm so excited! I keep looking at my hair in the mirror, and it looks so much better! Yay!
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boys boys boys 
10:50pm 27/02/2005
mood: giggly
I agree with Julls...this place has been quiet to long! So I will contribute...

I will post about my favorite subject. Boys. Yes, I do loooooove to talk about boys. When it comes to boys, I'm 15 all over again.

I haven't had a real crush on a guy siiince...hmm. This guy I used to work with back in the summer of 2003. (nothing ever came out of it either. boooo) I've thought guys were cute, and had mini crushes. But not a real melt-at-the-sight kind of crush, which I was plagued with all throughout highschool.

Wel my dry-spell is over! Its strange though, cuz in the past when I've had these kind of crushes I was always bothered by them. They stressed me out and made me uncomfortable. But I'm having fun with this one. Its just fun to flirt and look forward to seeing someone every monday and wedensday. Even if he doesn't feel the same way. (which I don't know if her does or not) Plus, it'll keep my grades up because I will be never ever miss an economics class! Which is good, cuz I'd have a lot of trouble with it if I missed it a lot.

And on a side note, I've discovered a new favorite food. Garlic and Chive Hummus! I could lick it right out the container. I won't...but I could.
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Girl mode on 
10:53pm 27/02/2005
mood: ditzy
This community has been quiet for far too long! Let's liven things up a bit starting now. :)

Lately I've been feeling girly, with the urge to pamper myself. Last Saturday, I went shopping at the mall alone. I got a white blouse, a pink and white reversible belt, and white ballet flats. I don't know, I just seem to have gotten a preference for white all of a sudden. And notice how my choices were very ladylike too, I mean, I'm usually in a t-shirt and All Stars. It was really fun going around by myself, wandering the stores aimlessly until I chanced upon things that I liked. I should do that more often. Then today, my mom and I went to the salon to have haircuts. Got my eyebrows threaded too, which was torture as usual. I don't know why I do it to myself, heh. My hair once again ended up shorter that what I had planned, but it's okay since summer's in the air now anyway. Now I'm wanting to go to the mall again, to get the 2 pairs of shoes and 2 blouses that I saw haha. As soon as I finish my workload this week, I'm going to the spa for a hot oil treatment and a facial. I can't wait! Nope, I don't think this girly phase will go away anytime soon.
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11:38pm 05/12/2004
mood: chipper
My mamma took me christmas shopping a little while ago! I spent the entire time in New York and Co, my favorite store. hehe. Stylish but not too expensive. Spent a good $250 of my mommas money. haha. Bought 2 pairs of flaired jeans, a pair of black wide-legged pants, and a pair of long grey pants (that were on sale for $14, might I add). I also got a new white tank, and 3 veeery cool sweaters. Am I the only one who is in love with ballet and boat neck sweaters??? I love them! They had an awesome sale too, buy one sweater (any sweater in the store!) and get another half of!

Yay for shopping! Boo for not being able to wear anything until Christmas. *pouts*
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12:37pm 24/11/2004
mood: bitchy
No matter how girly I have become in the last few years (I was very boyish in middle school) I still HATE getting my hair done. There is nothing relaxing about it for me. I'm black, so every 6 weeks I have to go get smelly chemicals, that itch and then burn after a while, slathered on my hair so it'll relax it. Then the lady washes it about 50 times which is the only part I can really stand. Then I have to sit under a super hot dryer for about an hour if not more. Then its blow dryed and styled. Whole process takes a good 3 hours. Not to mention my scalp is soooo dry afterwards, that it itches like a son of a bitch. I just get sooooo bored. I dread it. I have an appointment in about 40 minutes and I dun wanna go! I'm about ready to throw a temper tantrum. *pouts*
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how's this for irritating 
04:39pm 24/11/2004
mood: annoyed
A friend and I are starting a band. We're a two piece for now - kinda like The White Stripes. She's playing the drums and I'm playing the guitar and singing. Last Friday I saw the perfect acoustic guitar. See we're not very good at playing just yet so we're trying to get decent instruments so we can start jamming alot more. I gave her my old drum kit (when I used to drum) and I've been using my brother's friend guitar...but anyway, there it was, an Ashton acoustic guitar for only $130 and it was PINK!!! That's what made me want it so bad...so okay I'm a tad obsessed with the colour pink but I needed this guitar sooo badly. Unfortunately I had no money and the guy assured me that he could always order it in for me when I come in on Monday (which is pay day for me)...well I came in on Monday it was SOLD OUT! And not only that but they were sold out at their other store and the only thing now is for him to ring the supplier to see if they are still in stock. Grrrr. I was really looking forward to getting that guitar so bad.

On the other hand I'm going to eventually buy a Daisy Rock guitar. Has anyone seen those?? OOhhh...the one I'm getting is hot pink. Of course. Delish.
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shopping is the best medicine... 
09:00am 07/09/2004
mood: amused
although i'm quite in a good mood these past few days, doing some shopping keeps my mind off the problems a bit... =) i'm quite excited for my mom's package next week!!! hehe! she bought me some swim suits and shoes from the philippines. i asked her to buy me from there because its quite very expensive here, if i'll buy even a simple pair of sandals here, the cheapest i could get is already 50 dollars already. yikes!!! i just think its not worth it... hehe!!! =)

last week, i got 2 pairs of 2-piece swim suits, really cute!!!! one was pink and the other blue, those kind of things i probably won't wear back in the philippines. so now, looks like i'm having quite a collection of them. i also bought some blouse at MS at Al Ghurair Mall, very girly but simple, and make up from Red Earth. i've been collecting some of their lipsticks and lip shiners. =) i'm praying that i could buy the cute watch i've been saving for from Swatch or Storm... hehe! unless someone could think of giving it to me as a gift for my birthday, i won't mind! coz its already 100 dollars... =( maybe if they'll give me a little more raise on my salary, i won't be having a hard time budgeting my money. =/
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03:25pm 14/08/2004
  I've noticed that this is fast becoming a community promotion community, when in fact this is a girl community. I know that at first I allowed promos that are related to this community, but I've realized that "for all things girly" is such a broad term that many different kinds of promos can come in. So, I'm sorry peeps but I've decided not to allow any kind of community promotion here from now on. This is to encourage more meaningful posts, because the real posts are getting crowded out by community promotions. Hope you all understand, thanks, and I'm sure my co-mod xathenex will agree with me on this one (right, Brittany? Hehe.)

- Your friendly neighborhood mod, Jullienne.
03:32pm 12/08/2004
mood: content

PROMOTION...Collapse )

02:12am 12/08/2004

Sorry if this isn't allowed..just delete it! :)
Trying to give some life to this community..... 
12:26am 11/08/2004
mood: content
I went shopping the other day....more specifically...underwear shopping!! My favorite kind! My favorite cut of underwear...boyshorts! I got like...6 pairs of boyshort panties. And they are all very adorable. My least favorite kind....thongs. I can't stand wearing them at all. I can't get over that wedgie feeling. I don't own a single pair anymore. My one pair I think got lost in the laundry room somewhere. lol

I love shopping for underwear, but I hate hate hate shopping for Bra's. I have such a hard time finding them...and if I do they are sooo expensive, I'm rather...large in the chest area..and its hard to find a bra with the shape that I want. Ugh, such a pain in the ass. I spent (eerr...my mom spent...) over $70 on just three bra's...and those bra's were on sale. *sigh*
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04:38pm 09/08/2004