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Trying to give some life to this community.....

I went shopping the other day....more specifically...underwear shopping!! My favorite kind! My favorite cut of underwear...boyshorts! I got like...6 pairs of boyshort panties. And they are all very adorable. My least favorite kind....thongs. I can't stand wearing them at all. I can't get over that wedgie feeling. I don't own a single pair anymore. My one pair I think got lost in the laundry room somewhere. lol

I love shopping for underwear, but I hate hate hate shopping for Bra's. I have such a hard time finding them...and if I do they are sooo expensive, I'm rather...large in the chest area..and its hard to find a bra with the shape that I want. Ugh, such a pain in the ass. I spent ( mom spent...) over $70 on just three bra's...and those bra's were on sale. *sigh*
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