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shopping is the best medicine...

although i'm quite in a good mood these past few days, doing some shopping keeps my mind off the problems a bit... =) i'm quite excited for my mom's package next week!!! hehe! she bought me some swim suits and shoes from the philippines. i asked her to buy me from there because its quite very expensive here, if i'll buy even a simple pair of sandals here, the cheapest i could get is already 50 dollars already. yikes!!! i just think its not worth it... hehe!!! =)

last week, i got 2 pairs of 2-piece swim suits, really cute!!!! one was pink and the other blue, those kind of things i probably won't wear back in the philippines. so now, looks like i'm having quite a collection of them. i also bought some blouse at MS at Al Ghurair Mall, very girly but simple, and make up from Red Earth. i've been collecting some of their lipsticks and lip shiners. =) i'm praying that i could buy the cute watch i've been saving for from Swatch or Storm... hehe! unless someone could think of giving it to me as a gift for my birthday, i won't mind! coz its already 100 dollars... =( maybe if they'll give me a little more raise on my salary, i won't be having a hard time budgeting my money. =/
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