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how's this for irritating

A friend and I are starting a band. We're a two piece for now - kinda like The White Stripes. She's playing the drums and I'm playing the guitar and singing. Last Friday I saw the perfect acoustic guitar. See we're not very good at playing just yet so we're trying to get decent instruments so we can start jamming alot more. I gave her my old drum kit (when I used to drum) and I've been using my brother's friend guitar...but anyway, there it was, an Ashton acoustic guitar for only $130 and it was PINK!!! That's what made me want it so okay I'm a tad obsessed with the colour pink but I needed this guitar sooo badly. Unfortunately I had no money and the guy assured me that he could always order it in for me when I come in on Monday (which is pay day for me)...well I came in on Monday it was SOLD OUT! And not only that but they were sold out at their other store and the only thing now is for him to ring the supplier to see if they are still in stock. Grrrr. I was really looking forward to getting that guitar so bad.

On the other hand I'm going to eventually buy a Daisy Rock guitar. Has anyone seen those?? OOhhh...the one I'm getting is hot pink. Of course. Delish.
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