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boys boys boys

I agree with Julls...this place has been quiet to long! So I will contribute...

I will post about my favorite subject. Boys. Yes, I do loooooove to talk about boys. When it comes to boys, I'm 15 all over again.

I haven't had a real crush on a guy siiince...hmm. This guy I used to work with back in the summer of 2003. (nothing ever came out of it either. boooo) I've thought guys were cute, and had mini crushes. But not a real melt-at-the-sight kind of crush, which I was plagued with all throughout highschool.

Wel my dry-spell is over! Its strange though, cuz in the past when I've had these kind of crushes I was always bothered by them. They stressed me out and made me uncomfortable. But I'm having fun with this one. Its just fun to flirt and look forward to seeing someone every monday and wedensday. Even if he doesn't feel the same way. (which I don't know if her does or not) Plus, it'll keep my grades up because I will be never ever miss an economics class! Which is good, cuz I'd have a lot of trouble with it if I missed it a lot.

And on a side note, I've discovered a new favorite food. Garlic and Chive Hummus! I could lick it right out the container. I won't...but I could.
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