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hair products

I found an absolutely wonderful hair product so I must share it with the world!

I have naturally really dry hair, like most african americans. Its breaks off like no ones business. Whenever I wash my hair or comb it, I feel like I'm going bald. I've tried all kinds of stuff....coconut oil, cocoa butter...they help, but not to much. The other day I bought this stuff called Profectiv Mega Growth. Its specially formulated to strop breakage and promote hair growth. I've only used it twice and its wonderful! In two days, I've gone from covering my shirt in hair when I combed it to only losing 4-5 hairs. I love it! And my hair is so much thicker and softer. Its not even that expensive. I got it at Meijers for $5.49 so its probably averages about $6 everywhere else.The only bad thing about it, is its a really thick cream and makes my hair a little greasy to the touch if I put a lot in. And it has a really strong smell. Its not a bad smell...just a very strong sweet smell. But everything else was like that too! I'm so excited! I keep looking at my hair in the mirror, and it looks so much better! Yay!
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